Monday is a rainy day. On Monday you get up on the wrong side of the bed. Your coffee doesn’t taste very good on Monday mornings. And you don’t know how you’re going to deal with it all. But by Monday night you realize you’ll survive another week.
       Tuesday is better. You’ve accepted the new week and your coffee tastes okay. Anything can happen on a Tuesday, but usually it doesn’t. And when you go to bed you feel a little better about yourself.
        Wednesday is a happy day. On Wednesday you’re starting to feel alive and you’re in harmony with the universe. Your coffee is just what you need and everything is right in the world.
        Thursday is a little more relaxed. Thursday is a quiet day, but a happy one nonetheless. Your coffee is just right. You’ll sleep well tonight.
        Friday is a great day. By the time you’ve showered and had your coffee you feel pretty good. You’ll be willing to put up with everything because the weekend will be waiting for you at the end. And you’ll fall asleep with a happy sigh at the close of the day.
        The weekend, at last, your great reward. Congratulations for another successful week. See you on monday.